Thursday, August 25, 2011


Well, we had planned to start school this week when the older kids went back, but because of some unexpected medical problems it has been delayed.

Last week we went to the area "not back to school" picnic and it was nice to meet some others who have made this choice for a variety of reasons! They plan to meet every two weeks and also do a few field trips. I also signed the kids up for storyhour at the library, which will be Wednesday mornings this fall.

This week I am finishing up the schoolroom, gathering a few last minute supplies (found some great items at the Dollar Tree today!) and finalizing the first weeks plans and materials. I am anxious to begin!

Once we get started I hope to post more often. Looking ahead: Our first two weeks we will be doing a unit on pets, learning the letter L and T, and focusing on the color red.

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